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Setup/Miscellaneous Entertainment Options


In order to create the best Ambiance and Enviornment for your party, we offer a number of options to provide the best look and feel to your event. We also have all our miscellaneous entertainment options listed here. Please Call/Email with any questions comments or concerns.

LED/LCD Display Screens

LED/LCD Display screens can really help bring the look of the event together. We can display whatever you would like, everything from slideshows to cool graphics. We also offer On-the-wall projections and seperate projecter and projector screens which can be placed anywhere in the venue.

Lighting Truss System

A truss system is often associated with high quality DJ Booths. To add to the looks part of your venue, a Truss System can remove lights and useless wires from getting in the way, and elevate the lights to make sure they spread out and give even effect to the whole venue.

Special Fx Machines

What is a party without some out of this world special effects? Our options include smoke machines, confetti machines, and even haze machines.

Glow Towers

Glow Towers are another way to holster lighting. They can provide elevation for the lights similar to the Truss, however often give a more luxurious feeling to the event.

Party Props/Glow Items


Everybody loves props! Especially those that light up in a pitch black place. Our custom props and glow items can be the highlight of your night, and can keep people interested the whole time.

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